Perfect Webcam Monitor


Boxshot Turn your computer into a professional video security system! Monitor activity at your home or office in your absence, record video, get notifications in case of motion detection.

All you need is a webcam connected to a computer via a USB port, or an integrated camera. Webcam Monitor uses this camera for monitoring, motion detection, and video recording tasks. Thus, our program is capable of replacing complex DVR and CCTV systems, as well as IP cameras.

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Who is the program for?
  • For anyone who cares about the security at home. Use the program as an alarm in case of illegal intrusion into your property;
  • For small business owners. Protect your business today! Unlike DVR systems, Webcam Monitor does not require money spending, does not require installation and constant technical support. You will understand everything without any problem;
  • For parents. If you have small children, then you know how important it is to control them. Our video surveillance software allows you to connect to the webcam via the Internet, simply from a web browser. Thus, you will always know what your child is currently engaged in.

Monitoring through Internet

  • Ability to view the video stream through a web browser, from anywhere in the world;
  • Support for any device: mobile phones, tablets;
  • Remote control of the webcam viewer using SMS commands!

The most important feature of this security camera software is the ability to view video from your webcam through the Internet. That is, if your device (phone or tablet) is connected to the Internet, you can open the browser and go to a specific web address, to connect to the program. The program, acting as an HTTP server, will stream you the video from the webcamera, in real time. You can protect the remote connection with a password.

Motion Detection

  • The motion detection algorithm makes WebCam monitor to react only if needed;
  • Adjust the sensitivity level of the detector;
  • Exclusion some parts from the monitoring zone results in prevention of false alarms.

Analyzing the video stream received from the webcam, Webcam Monitor is able to determine when motion occurs in the monitoring zone. Thus, the program can be used as a motion detector. You can adjust the sensitivity of the "detector" in order to avoid false positives. It is also possible to exclude any areas from the monitoring zone by overlaying the preview area with the "masks". For example, if you place a mask on the bottom of the video frame, then the detector will ignore your cat walking on the floor. But the movement of a human will be detected.

Notification by E-mail and SMS

  • Sending the program notifications to your e-mail on alarm;
  • Sending SMS messages to your cell phone on alarm (WITHOUT using the service of your mobile provider);
  • Turning on the siren - loud sound through the computer speakers.

The program has 3 types of notifications generated in case of motion detection. The simplest is a siren. This is a loud sound that the application enables through the computer speakers. This method is effective to deter intruders entering the premises. But this is not enough, because it is important for you to get notified about the incident immediately. For this purpose, there are functions for automatically sending notifications in the form of email, as well as SMS messages. Having received such notifications, you will be able to connect to the webcam via the Internet, and see what is happening.

Video and Snapshot Recording

  • Record video and create snapshots in case of motion detection;
  • Scheduled video recording;
  • Effective compression of the video stream with the Xvid encoder.

As mentioned above, Webcam Monitor can replace a professional DVR system. That is, the program can record video and save as files to the hard disk or on the cloud. You can set the time intervals and the days of week when the application needs to record video, or to start recording manually. Also, our webcam recorder can take pictures while detecting motion, and attach it to the e-mail that is being sent.

So what are you waiting for? Download Perfect Webcam Monitor for free!

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